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Right Cloud presents:

"Araki without rope, rope without fish"

Tomé Duarte

From October 21th to January 6th, 2017 @ The Gallery Wrong Weather

Opening October 21th 16:30PM 


About "Araki without line, line without fish":

Erratic, enigmatic and not fond of conventional visibility. There are no longer borders, but if there’s one, Tomé Duarte is definitely out.
A series of photographs by Tomé Duarte will be presented by Right Cloud at The Gallery Wrong Weather. These photographs led to the creation of the publication hackingaraki [Alongside these photos, there’s an installation with appropriated material from fishermen]: Araki Manipulated (Without Line) and Praised Fisherman (Without Fish).

Nobuyoshi Araki (Tóquio, 1940) is one the most praised contemporary photographers with international recognition - although part of the art world accounts him as misogynist and pornographic – his pictures are vital documents about life, death and sex. By taking photographs of Araki that picture the practice of Kinbaku-bi - an erotic sex game, wildly popular in Japan, where  women are tied with ropes – Tomé Duarte has reworked the photographs and made the ropes disappear. That results in the creation of an unlikely and disturbed reality. These women stopped existing as human beings close to the photographer, and became dark angelic figures manipulated by an outsider. Dark angelic asexual figures surrounded by black and grey magma hues, where the raw triad of feelings of Araki “life, death and sex” becomes a suspension of judgment, a limbo of decadence, where you begin to question your relation with voyeurism and sexuality.

In the exhibition space, like and unpredictable eco to the photographs, are scattered fishing lines that the artist retrieved in the continuous work of following fishing communities in the north of Portugal. Filing the mental space of the missing ropes in Araki's suspended women, this strange tridimensional composition that also speaks to us about desire, although in a completely different state: Desire of survival. 

About Right Cloud:

The Gallery Wrong Weather is curated by Miguel Von Hafe Pérez, aiming to bring to light less known work from contemporary artists, where the reality of objects and images contradicts the hyper digitalization of today's cloud experience.

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4100-111 Porto • Portugal
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