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At Wrong Weather we’re very proud of having thousands of people from all around the world visiting our website and browsing the exciting and creative collections we carefully select each season. While we enjoy all the online love our customers pamper us with, we’re genuinely thrilled when someone walks into our store in Porto.

Whether you’re one of our cherished habitual clients or someone visiting from across the globe, our doors are always wide open and our staff is more than happy to help you find a fantastic garment and show you around our store and art gallery.

We encourage all our clients to visit us here in Porto, Portugal - don’t be fooled by the city’s small scale, because Porto is a bustling cultural hub and home to renown architects, chefs, and writers, with a strong and defiant musical and artistic scene, all nestled in the breathtaking steep Douro river valley and a small step away from dipping your toes in the Atlantic ocean.

There are hundreds of good reasons why you should visit us here in Porto and we’ve curated a little selection of where to go, what to see, and what to eat while you’re here. This is our Spring/Summer guide to the city of Porto.





Deep in the heart of downtown, Euskalduna Studio is probably the most exciting restaurant in the city right now. Comprised of only two tables and a stunning marble counter, Euskalduna is the project of Porto’s own young and talented Chef  Vasco Coelho Santos, who conceived the idea of an intimate and creative space in the aftermath of his professional experience in the Basque Country - hence, the odd sounding name. Opened only four nights a week for dinner, customers are invited to answer a short questionnaire about their personal preferences and dietary restrictions when they make their reservations, as the team will then prepare a custom made 10 course meal using only fresh seasonal ingredients.


Dinner, Tuesdays through Saturdays
Rua de Santo Ildefonso, 404
[email protected]




After living in London for more than 20 years, Miguel Cunha and Sako Arao settled in Porto and offered the city a taste of honest japanese food. Namban Oporto Kitchen started out as a kiosk in a hip shopping mall but has since found a slightly larger home in a cozy place at the peaceful Rua dos Bragas. Besides their immediately noticeable heightened fashion sense, the couple is known for running the restaurant as homelike as possible while cooking delicious Japanese breakfast and snacks, such as onigiri (rice ball) and dashimaki tamago (Japanese omelet). At lunchtime every tuesday you can try japanese curry, while for the rest of the week you can treat yourself to a variety of wholesome japanese home cooking.


Tuesdays through Fridays, 9am / 5pm; Saturdays, 10am / 4pm
Lunchtime, 12am / 3pm
Rua dos Bragas, 346
[email protected]




Chef Pedro Lemos’ redoubt, in Porto’s seaside neighborhood Foz, has opened its doors in 2009. 10 years later, after becoming one of the most sought after restaurants in the city, it has been awarded a Michelin star for its exquisite fine dining experience. Set in an old granite house, the elegant restaurant houses an impressive wine cellar which includes iconic wines as well as those from small Portuguese wineries, perfect to pair with the Chef’s creations. At Pedro Lemos every course is constructed exclusively with the best produce in season, guaranteeing the quality of every meal. One of the restaurant’s highlights is its sunny terrace, perfect for a well-deserved lunch after a long walk around the charming Foz neighborhood.


Tuesdays through Saturdays
Lunch, 12:30am / 3pm; Dinner, 7:30pm / 11pm
Rua do Padre Luís Cabral, 974
[email protected]





Época is not your typical cafe. Located in the city’s arts district, it was founded by the young Liliana Alves after returning from her time working at the Michelin star laureate restaurant Relae, in Copenhagen, and it focuses on healthy food using only locally sourced produce. Época’s obsession with the freshest ingredients means every meal needs to be adapted to whatever is available at the time. Besides the wholesome lunch menu - which includes soup with toast, the main course, and the daily infusion or tea - it has a wide range of magazines for sale and coffee specialties to go along. The clean and fresh decor makes Época the perfect place to relax after visiting so many of the surrounding art galleries and design stores.


Tuesdays through Fridays, 9am / 5pm; Saturdays, 10am / 4pm
Rua do Rosário, 22
[email protected]






Nuno Centeno is already a household name in the European art galleries circuit. The son of local artist Sobral Centeno, Nuno played a prominent role in discovering and showcasing a new and emerging art scene in Porto. The gallery, located within the Cooperativa dos Pedreiros housing complex, one of the cities architectural landmarks, represents both newcomer and established artists, such as Silvestre Pestana, and holds a regular exhibition schedule. Nuno Centeno has been praised as one of Europe’s most respected and influential art dealers, and his bold and fresh approach has earned him the 2018 Frieze New York Focus Prize.


Tuesdays through Saturdays, 2pm/7pm
Rua da Alegria, 598
[email protected]




Right in the heart of Porto lies a venue that has been serving as a refuge for the city’s artists, musicians, and bohemians since the ’00s. A recovered 1940’s movie theater, its auditorium still screens movies regularly and holds concerts by local and international alternative acts. The sophisticated and somber bar is contrasted by the white parlors that peer into the auditorium and would not do a bad job as the set for A Clockwork Orange’s milk bar. Run by Mr. Guimarães, a living entity of Porto’s nightlife, Passos Manuel has always welcomed every creature of the night and it has been the starting point for some of the city’s best music acts, DJ's and parties, as well as preferred hang out place for those who have a say in Porto’s cultural life.


Wednesdays, 10pm / 2am
Thursdays through Saturdays,10pm / 5am
Rua de Passos Manuel, 137




In the neighborhood of Campanhã, a historically industrial and working-class part of town that has been decaying for decades, the photographers Manuela Matos Monteiro and João Lafuente have recovered two warehouses that now serve as two distinct galleries: Espaço MIRA and MIRA FORUM. Espaço MIRA is a gallery focusing on a broader understanding of photography as a field, incorporating its relationship with other areas of knowledge and artistic practices. In Campanhã since 2017, Espaço MIRA has been a hub of critical thinking, working beyond the scope of the traditional role of an art gallery as an exhibition space first and foremost, promoting conferences, film cycles, and art residencies as part of the gallery’s role as a place of intervention.


Tuesdays through Saturdays, 3pm / 7pm
Rua Miraflor, 159
[email protected]





Pérola Negra has a less than ideal reputation in the city of Porto - for a long time it was one of the most well-known strip-tease (and some might say prostitution) clubs for the gentlemen of Porto. In 2018 however, after years of neglect, it has risen as one of the most exciting nightclubs in town, with an impressive and diverse line-up of artists and DJ's showcasing the best in contemporary electronic and alternative music. Owning its less reputable past, the decor has been left almost untouched - strip poles and all - but has been equipped with a state of the art sound system. With a strong focus on inclusiveness and tolerance, Pérola Negra is now the prime destination for partygoers wishing to dance to their heart's content.


Fridays, Saturdays and holidays eves,
11pm / 6am
Rua de Gonçalo Cristovão, 288






Located just a stone’s throw away from the center of Porto, in the seaside town of Leça da Palmeira, the tidal pools are a landmark that can be enjoyed by beachgoers and architecture lovers alike. Built during the ’60s in the rocky outcrops of Leça da Palmeira’s beach, the Tidal pools were designed by the Pritzker Award Laureate Alvaro Siza Vieira, being considered one of his early projects. Consisting of two natural pools filled with fresh seawater, the structure is complemented by raw cement changing facilities and an access route that induces the view into focal points of the breathtaking landscape. With Summer just around the corner, the Tidal pools are a privileged spot to keep the unbearable heat at bay with the invigorating freshness of the Atlantic Ocean.


Every day of the week, 9am / 7pm
Avenida da Liberdade, Leça da Palmeira





While venturing outside the crowded touristic downtown, there is a good chance you'll cross paths with some of the city's most interesting projects. Situated in the unsuspecting Rua de Santos Pousada, Mundano Objectos is an ambitious project: it's a design product and furniture store, a biological grocer's, and provider of interior decoration solutions. Offering a wide range of author design objects, from Nordic furniture to design sex toys, Mundano Objectos holds regular workshops, exhibitions, and yoga classes, promoting a philosophy of well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to grab some of the fresh biological produce, available every Wednesday.


Mondays through Fridays, 10am / 1pm
Saturdays only through prior scheduling
Rua de Santos Pousada, 668


Av. da Boavista, 754
4100-111 Porto • Portugal
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