For 10 years Wrong Weather has been at the forefront of fashion and independent design, being home memorable collections that defied industry standards and set trends for years to come. However, fashion has always been intertwined with other fields of creativity, being fed ideas from the visual arts as well as adapting or transforming altogether with the new lines of thought and social movements.

For the past decade, we've been in constant pursuit of these ideas, turning our store into a veritable hub for creativity - we've created The Gallery Wrong Weather, one of the highlights of our store in Porto which has had the pleasure to receive the works of interesting, transgressive, and sometimes challenging artists, devoted to be a space for unbound self-expression and freedom of thought.

We've decided to dig into our archives and introduce you to some of the most memorable moments of The Gallery Wrong Weather, showcasing the amazing works that we were honored to exhibit.



Today we revisit Patrick Church's JUST HOW YOU MADE ME FEEL, that premiered at The Gallery Wrong Weather in October 2013. Born in Oxford in 1991 and moving to London when he was 18, Patrick Church is a young painter who was described by Room Gallery as “London’s provocative new artist”.



Patrick brought us a series of confessions in the form of drawings and wearable art, with his distinctive painted leather jackets. Using color and text, and intervening directly on the leather, Patrick Church produced daring, intimate pieces that revealed a unique artistic sensibility.



Although working with a variety of mediums, Patrick considers himself a painter who resorts to writing as a means to record his surroundings and personal experiences. There is a sort of raw honesty in this approach that is manifest in so many of his works, such as the series of crude drawings for JUST HOW YOU MADE ME FEEL.



Patrick Church's confessional style draws from the most intimate experiences, delving thematically into the dichotomies of failure and success, humor in the face of humiliation, the spiritual and the daringly sexual.



"I have always been quite consistent in the way I dress, I know what I like and what suits my body, this has never really changed. I really believe in buying my clothes selectively and buying classic pieces, I have some stuff from eight years ago that still makes me feel great when I wear it. I wouldn’t say my work was an extension of my style, maybe an extension of my mind, but I do feel good when I wear one of my jackets!"


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