Over the last decade, Wrong Weather has had the privilege to host some of the most enticing and innovative designer collections of recent history.  Our love for fashion dictates that each season we carefully select the garments that we have on offer with the utmost attention to detail and awareness of the collections' context. However, every now and then there is a collection that defies industry standards - either by its unconventional use of materials or by the novel designs - and makes its' indelible mark in the industry.

Collections have the distinction of being a conceptual exercise, requiring far more work in terms of planning and interpretation of ideas than your run of the mill fast fashion brand. There is a genuine opportunity to tackle existing problems on a platform that reaches multitudes of people. Either because of the ideological and politically charged message or because of the genuine and avant-garde designs, some collections of this past ten years were unforgettable to us.

Now we'd like to share some of these veritable works of art with you.




Today we'd like you to revisit Juun.J's SS14 collection. The South-Korean designer, who has previously labeled himself a deconstructionist of classic menswear garments, took a liking to American sportswear clothing and iconography on this mid-decade endeavor. The collection features continuous opposition of proportions, marked by drastic changes in volume, with a clean color palette of whites and blues. It made such an impression at the time that we decided to do a beautiful editorial - Ambiguous, which you can view here - featuring many of this collection's highlights.



Resorting to the numbered jerseys common to the high-school imaginary, Juun.J explored the American sportswear classics by reshaping them with exaggerated volumes and a palette sitting on the opposite of the customary vibrant colors and loud graphics.



Throughout the collection, there is an attitude of no compromise, switching radically between figure-skimming silhouettes and large volumes in respect to the garments' proportions, as well as from the opaque to the transparent in the use of textiles.



The subtle color palette of pure whites, ink blue marble print, and cobalt blue is present throughout the collection, seldom giving ground to darker blues and black, as well as to detailed oneiric prints. Classic tailored garments are presented with fine details that show these are considered designs.


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