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Wrong Weather has always had a close connection to the art scene. This is most evident by the inclusion of a small art gallery in our store at Porto, where we have promoted exhibitions by talented artists from all around the world. Although Porto could not be compared - in terms of sheer size - to the world's metropolis, it's got a bustling art scene with both up and coming youngsters and revered masters sharing their works in the many art galleries spread throughout the city.

The city has always been equipped with interesting art spaces but, in recent years, it has seen a revival of sorts, fueled by the work of local artists and curators. Ranging from the well known contemporary art institutions to the artist-run independent galleries that pop up in some of the most unexpected places - and are often a haven for the city's most transgressive artists - there is absolutely something for everyone and a strong sense of community.

We understand that, in Springtime, one of the many beaches, gardens, or the city's refreshing riverside are much more inviting than an art gallery. However, if you've got an appetite for the arts, and you're planning on visiting us here in Porto, we've made a small selection of some of the best exhibitions taking place this season.




Galeria Nuno Centeno 


Born in Funchal,  at the island of Madeira, Silvestre Pestana is, simultaneously, one of the best but least known artists of his generation, whose immense body of work is finally obtaining a well-deserved recognition.  A poet, artist, and performer, Pestana emerged in the 1960s with a politically charged fusion of the visual arts with poetry. The act of art as resistance forced him to a political exile in Sweden during the last years of the Portuguese dictatorship, from where he returned in 1974.

Always the innovator, Pestana has been at the forefront of the use of technology and novel mediums - a pioneer of video art in Portugal, Pestana never shied away from using unconventional tools such as gaming software and drones. In Neuron/Neurónios, 2017, Pestana introduces us to a series of otherworldly figures, industrial while oddly organic, molding tubes of neon to lifelike quality. 

You can visit the exhibition at the well known Galeria Nuno Centeno, which is located in one of the city's most iconic housing complexes. Nuno Centeno has been praised as one of Europe’s most respected and influential art dealers, and his bold and fresh approach has earned him the 2018 Frieze New York Focus Prize.


May 4th - June 11th

Tuesdays through Saturdays, 2pm/7pm

Rua da Alegria, 598

[email protected]

©Pedro Huet



Curated by Óscar Faria



Shortlisted for the 2016 Novo Banco Revelação award, Pedro Huet is one of the city's young talents. Huet's alma mater is the respected Fine Arts School of the University of Porto, and it is still in this city that Pedro lives and works, and where he displayed an aptitude that has granted some solo exhibitions at a very young age - such as Walled, Sismógrafo, Porto and were our eyes not like the sun, they could never see it, Mupi Gallery - Maus Hábitos, Porto, both in 2016. 

In Blaze the fire, Huet tackles metaphysics and politics, summoning figures whose semiotics illustrate the dichotomies of Heaven and Hell, as well as the ideas of Justice and Class - gods, servants and everything in between. Through a variety of mediums, Huet assays a criticism of the political status quo in a time of doubt, fear, and unrest.

You can visit Blaze the fire at Simógrafo - a gallery run by the non-profit Salto no Vazio, a community that has set itself to promote a wide array of initiatives, such as visual arts, auteur cinema, improvised and electronic music, literature and thought.


Thursdays through Saturdays, 3pm/7pm

Rua da Alegria, 416

[email protected]

©Ângela Ferreira



Curated by Delfim Sardo

Culturgest Porto


Born in Maputo, Mozambique, Ângela Ferreira is an African artist currently living in Lisboa, where she works as an artist and teaches at the Fine Arts School of the University of Lisbon. Ferreira's work tackles the impact of colonialism and post-colonialism in contemporary society, driven by deep research of the erasure of colonial memory and the chronic refusal to openly discuss the objective damages or offer any reparation - as most eloquently expressed in A Tendency to Forget (2015). 

Dalaba: Sol d’Exil echoes the tragic story of Miriam Makeba - the extraordinary African singer who, after being denied entrance in South Africa after a tour with Harry Belafonte, settled in the USA and married Stokely Carmichael, the prominent Black Panther member. Being denied entrance to the USA, due to her marriage, Makeba became a political exile in Guinea, where she built a house in Dabala and spent the next 15 years with Carmichael. In this work, Ferreira evokes the house in Dabala through a series of sculptures that mimic segments of the house's architecture to the sound o Miriam Makeba's A Piece of Ground - a tale Africa's exploitation. 

You can visit Dalaba: Sol d’Exil at Culturgest Porto, a public institution devoted to the arts with branches in Lisbon and in Porto. Porto's Culturgest is housed at the Caixa Geral dos Depósitos building, right in the heart of Avenida dos Aliados.


June 1st - September 1st

Wednesdays through Sundays, 12:30pm/6pm

Avenida dos Aliados n.º 104

[email protected]

Av. da Boavista, 754
4100-111 Porto • Portugal
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