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In 2020 Davii and Wrong Weather team up to create a capsule collection that aims to blend the ethereal softness of Davii with the sharp futurism of Wrong Weather.

Davii was born from the passion for fashion of its founder and designer, Davi.
The designer began his career in Brazil, working with prestigious Brazilian and South American brands before moving to Porto in Portugal in search of new challenges.

Davi's work signature is lightweight and fluid fabrics, such as silk, transformed into shapeless figures that invoke aerial and whimsical looks. He often collaborates with the artist Milena Altini, creating art installations that oscillate between fashion and sculpture.



For this capsule collection, the kimono is the centerpiece. The genderless garment that is worn as the traditional Japanese attire, is rethought into the contemporary lifestyle.

The kimono characteristics, of clean lines and stand-out fabrics or prints, are highlighted into a modern vestment that it's not constricted by its tradition.


All of the pieces are hand-made, unique and numbered, creating a super-exclusive capsule collection.



"It is from observation of the contemporary man, from his needs and fulfillment of his dreams that the Davii brand presents a capsule collection where it seeks reference in the tradition of the kimono, reinterpreting it on the timeless code.

Is in this connection that he refers to what is of this time, of this same epoch of the here and now, of immediacy, a future that is projected where all the pieces are unique, in addition to the genre of those who use them is the elaboration of a sensory image where clothing becomes an extension of the wearer's intention and how to use it."



The capsule collection of Davii x Wrong Weather will be presented at a pop-up installation in The Gallery Wrong Weather. An intimist showcase where the creations can be seen in detail.












18:00H - 21:00H



Av. da Boavista, 754
4100-111 Porto • Portugal
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