When it comes to fashion, we believe individuality is key. Creating and maturing a personal sense of style is a lengthy process that usually starts in your teens and carries one until your way into your 30s or even 40s. As we go through it, we are influenced by multiple sources: friends, family and peers but also other creative areas complementary to fashion, such as art, music, design, architecture and of course, cinema.

While all of them pitch in, music and movies are definitely the influences that most strongly resonate with us here at Wrong Weather. As such, we though about putting together a list of the movies that were most influential to us fashion-wise, and not necessarily because they focus on the subject. Our team is quite eclectic when it comes to personal styles, so there will be something for everyone as we build this series week after week. 

This week we look back into 3 cinematic artworks that explore '60s style with different approaches.






Set in 1964 and based on the eponymous album by The Who, the movie follows the journey of young Jimmy Cooper as he finds his identity within the mod universe. The story is an ode to the Mod culture and style, with special focus on proper fitting suits and the inherent coolness they can provide, especially when paired with army fishtail parkas. Topping off the brilliant aesthetic is none other than Sting himself, portraying the embodyment
of the mod culture in his iridescent grey suit.






One of last year's cinematic masterpieces, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood takes us back to 1960's Hollywood and the life of semi-famous actorand his stunt double, played by Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt respectively. Besides the brilliant performances and the unique rewriting ofhistory through Quentin Tarantino's eyes, the movie excels at accurately depicting the '60s mood and setting, with clothing playing a crucial role to this effect.

From Dicaprio's iconic brown tailored leather jacket, high-waist pleated pants and harrington jacket, to the outstanding styling of Brad Pitt's character in full denim tuxedo looks in both blue and white, or the yellow hawaiian shirt layered on top of a vintage Champion tee, the wardrobe exudes a brilliant coolness that remains contemporary to this day.



BLOW-UP (1966)



Blow-up is hailed as one of the most influential fashion movies of all time and rightfully so. This picture changed the mindset of many at the time, as it accompanies the glamorous life of fashion photographer Thomas (David Hemmings), as he immerses in intense fashion shoots, naked casting sessions with Jane Birkin, cruises in his Rolls Royce, attends parties and concerts, and ultimately attempts to solve a mistery he comes across while shooting at a park.

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