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ADER ERROR is the brainchild of a creative collective of multidisciplinary individuals, whose different backgrounds all pitch in to create something fresh and different from mundane inspirations. Their vision is to communicate with their audience through clean, minimal content that portrays "cool fashion".


We challenged ADER ERROR to answer a few questions to get to know a little more about the brand. You can read the Q&A with ADER ERROR below.



Q. How did Ader Error come about?

We launched the brand together as a crew base. Our crew consist mostly of Koreans and have a career at many different fields and base such as Seoul, Tokyo, London, Paris and New York. Currently all of our crew are living in Seoul, and several crews were active in each city for each project abroad, but due to COVID-19 issue, not this time sadly. Our crew has a different background, including food, architecture, interior, consulting, fashion, advertising, trade, graphic, magazine edit and etc... 

About the name of our brand, here's the one:


A:aesthetic / D:drawing / ER:people (who do something)

"The people who do something aesthetic."

ERROR means something negative such as a failure, mistake.


Everyone and everything can't be perfect, and there is nothing like that. At this point, we reinterpret 'error' as an expression of imperfection and we  believe there is an absolutely attractive point. We call it 'making a positive of something negative'.


Q. How do you envision ADER ERROR in 10 years from now.

First of all, ADER new flagship stores will be opened in Seoul and various locations to add more depth, contact points for communication with customers in Korea and concrete brand position & influence, where the brand is based. The existing mini store concept showroom in Itaeone and Hongdae flagship store (Seoul will be decorated in different ways too).

Last July, we've launched 2nd flagship store in Seong-su, Seoul which is a key area with a café, restaurant, brand mono stores for mix generation recently.

For us, #fashion is a means of communication, and other social means to show interesting contents/stories by a totally new way.

In fact, we are in the process of preparing projects to surprise everyone in cities around the world that we want to communicate. we are under many new collaborations with someone/something with an attractive technology and history. Lots of projects have been pended, canceled, delayed... but we're keeping our own voice and direction for the people to give a positive effect as a brand. It is expected to bring more projects with meaningful point beyond just brand collaboration for sure

We're also having fun ideas for something that can be treated as a concept / area of future fashion shows. Well ... at the right moment we think it's "now," we're sure to run and execute without hesitation beyond COVID-19 issue. We're doing all the things to keep our customers safe at our offline space. We believe in our unified voice, re-edit the thoughts that come out of it, and execute immediately, communicating easily and fun to everyone. It is Ader and the way we are heading.


Q. Your dream collaboration.

Well, it's hard to say, but it would be all the 1st leader of each category with a valuable history/identity.




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