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Back to the roots could be summed up as the business model behind the Mutant Mold project by VICARA: Local creatives, small scale-production, and unique hand-made products are the life essence for the up-and-coming Portuguese brand.


The latest project, named Poliedro Candle by Vítor Agostinho, counts on Wrong Weather as exclusive release partners.

Poliedro Candle uses Vítor Agostinho's Mutant Mold, a mold that keeps changing its original shape, resulting in new and original pieces each time it's produced, to create a one-of-a-kind scented candle.


The pieces are individually produced in Leiria, Portugal, employing traditional glass blowing techniques and then finished with a scented wax (also of Portuguese origin) with a light perfume of rosewood and pink pepper.

Poliedro Candle has a burning time of around 70 hours and is available in two versions: Clear glass with blue wax and Blue glass with white wax. The Poliedro Candle is part of the ICONICS collection by VICARA.



About Poliedro Candle

Perfumed candle with a feminine aroma created to remember the French mystique and glamor; the smell of fresh and sensual roses embroidered with rosewood / pink pepper. Candle of 100% Portuguese origin, with 8% perfume. Burning time of ~70h. 


About Vitor Agostinho

Vitor Agostinho focuses his design work on ceramics and glass, taking a very hands-on approach that explores the manufacturing process to the fullest.
A designer with relevant experience in the industry. As a result of his experience and investigation in the area, he orients his work towards personalization and self-production. These two dimensions, mass and self-production, granted him the unique opportunity to develop new methods of forming, bringing together parts or combining to create (something) - This is particularly noticeable in his project Mutant Mold.


About MUTANT MOLD project

Using different strategies, new processes were developed to create ceramic and glass objects that allow different shapes from a single mold, testing and developing new ways of using ceramic molds. This variation is achieved with Mutant Mold through the following processes: mounting and stacking up, articulation and flexible surface, links and new materials. This is an experimental approach in a classic ceramic process.
The main goal is to explore creative factors, such as fortuity, imperfection, or error and these products have a unique story/form/identity, according to the decisions taken during the fabrication process.



VICARA is a collaborative group of independent designers and makers of product design. VICARA combines young blood with the reasonability of more experienced designers, always searching for new talent to develop new products while also proposing projects to established designers. 

You can read more about VICARA here.



The POLIEDRO CANDLE will be available on November 28th, 2020.



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