Porto is a fascinating city that has so much to offer for your holiday or city break. There’s a dreamlike quality to the city – a tumbledown, romantic medieval relics, soaring bell towers and stately beaux-arts buildings. The city is currently undergoing a magical moment of rejuvenation.

Some visitors claim that Porto´s best feature is its authenticity and the preservation of traditional customs. With this guide, you will learn about the places locals go to. Bora?


O Marmorista
Rua da Meditação 70, 4100-360 Porto
Timetable: Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 00:00
Type of Food: Portuguese Cuisine
Price Range: €€€

Marmorista can be defined as the individual that works with marble. The restaurant is located on what it used to be a marble warehouse. Even though it just opened in December of 2021, this place is now considered to be one of the hippest places in town. It is a restaurant, a bar and sometimes, even a club. It’s the perfect spot to have a drink and maybe dance a little. While you are there, why don´t you try some of the dishes Chef Luís Martins has to offer?



R. de Belmonte 70, 4050-452 Porto
Timetable: Wednesday to Saturday, from 12:00-15:00; 19:00-22:00
Type of Food: Burgers & Fries
Price Range: €

There is no doubt that Curb is the place with the best burgers in town. And for a bargain……a meal goes from 8 to 12 euros. For sure this is one of the yummies places in town. Still, it´s important to bear in mind that the restaurant works with stock. Therefore, you might get disappointed if you arrive to the place at eight o´clock on a Saturday night and find the doors shut.

R. de Adolfo Casais Monteiro 96, 4050-378 Porto
Timetable: Monday to Saturday, from 12:30-15:00; 19:30-00:00
Type of Food: Italian food
Price Range: €€

Okra offers some of the tastiest pizza in town. All of them are cooked in a traditional firewood oven. If you are not a fan of this dish, there are a lot of Italian suggestions to choose from. Don’t get surprised if you end up bumping into an influencer while you are there!


Rua da Alegria 598, Porto 4000-037 Portugal
Timetable: Monday to Sunday from 12:30-15:00; 19:30-23:00
Price Range: €€€

Portucale is up in business since the 1950s. Located on a 14th floor, the restaurant offers a 360-degree view of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. This is the place where you can experience Portuguese gastronomy at its best. We recommend you try the Veal and the Boar. While you are there, take some time to appreciate Guilherme Camarinha´s tapestries on the walls.


Café Santiago
R. de Passos Manuel 226, 4000-382 Porto
Timetable: Monday to Saturday from 12:00-23:00
Price Range: €

Café Santiago is home to Porto´s traditional Francesinha since 1959. Still, sources claim the venue was already a restaurant since the 1930s. This is the place for you to try one of the world´s most famous sandwich! Don´t plan to be very active a few hours after
, you will be too full!



Cinema Trindade

Rua do Almada 412, 4050-034 Porto
Film Sessions from 14:00 to 21:30

Cinema Trindade is the hub for independent cinema in Porto. After undergoing a few renovations in the 1970s and in the 1990s, the cinema has now two screening rooms. Trindade is the place where you can find films from the critic´s circles. Another important aspect to point out is the abundance of special screenings and special programming they offer.


UCI Arrábida
Praceta de Henrique Moreira 244, 4400-346 Vila Nova de Gaia
Film Sessions from 14:00 to 22:00

UCI Arrábida is a cinema located in Vila Nova de Gaia – just five minutes away from Porto by car. In this cinema you can find every genre of film, the cinema has 20 screening rooms. Still, this is not the most important thing to reference about this place. Here, you will find the best popcorn in town (and in the country). Don´t miss the chance to try them out!


Passos No Escuro
Rua de Passos Manuel, 137, Porto
Film Sessions on Wednesdays at 22h (check programming)

Passos No Escuro is a cinematic event on Passos Manuel – a famous bar that happens to have a cinema screen. The initiative, which is programmed by José Santiago, explores the horror genre and B cinema horror. Here are some examples of films that were screened: Evil Dead I & II, The Toxic Avenger, Samurai Cop, Black Christmas, Phenomena, among many others. Ready to jump out of your seat?


Batalha Centro de Cinema
Praça da Batalha 47, 4000-101 Porto
Film Sessions: to be defined

Cinema da Batalha is one of the city´s oldest cinemas, it was first inaugurated in 1947. It will be the home of the Portuguese Cinematheque in Porto. Is set to open in fall 2022



Porto is a fascinating city that has so much to offer you for your holiday or city break. There’s a dreamlike quality to Porto – a tumbledown, romantic city of medieval relics, soaring bell towers and stately beaux-arts buildings. The city is currently undergoing a magical moment of rejuvenation.

Some visitors claim that Porto´s best feature is its authenticity and the preservation of traditional customs. With this guide, you will learn about the places locals go to. Bora?




Rua de Miguel Bombarda 207, 4050-339 Porto
Monday to Saturday from 14:00 to 18:00

LOJA is a furniture boutique located in the heart of Rua Miguel Bombarda, the artistic district of Porto.  The boutique´s philosophy is to find the best of minimalism and sustainability Here you can find the best that interior design has to offer... You can find some precious designer gems or even some beautiful vintage pieces here


Porto Calling – Record Shop
Rua da Conceição 80, 4050-214 Porto
Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00

Porto Calling is summoning music lovers to its shop since 2012. As soon as you enter the store you will find the walls decorated with original newspapers articles from the owner´s favorite brands. With great music always playing in the background, you can find the best records used and new. Don´t worry if you lose yourself in the ambient as if you are at a friend's house, we all have been through that!

Ó Galeria
Rua de Miguel Bombarda 61, 4050-381 Porto
Monday to Saturday from 13h00 to 19h00

Ó! Galeria is the place to do some shopping in Porto if you enjoy design, illustration, zines, and author pieces. Buying here has many many perks. By buying from this shop you will be helping local artists and the pieces are easy to carry back home.

Senhora Presidenta
R. Joaquim António de Aguiar 65, 4000-311 Porto
Thursday to Saturday from 14:00 to 19:00

Senhora President is an art gallery located in Bonfim, in Porto. Founded by three former students of  Porto Fine Arts University, here can you can see exhibits of sculpting, photography, illustration, among others. On Saturdays, they have some cool inaugurations party too!

CC Miguel Bombarda
Rua de Miguel Bombarda 285, 4050-379 Porto
Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00

In Miguel Bombarda Shopping Centre, you can find a number of alternative shops that sell clothes and accessories, handicrafts, and other second-hand products. This tiny mall is home to a wide range of interesting, yet inexpensive boutiques. Most of what´s on sale are produced by local designers and craftsmen. Don´t miss it!

Claus Porto
R. das Flores 22, 4050-262 Porto
Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00

Claus Porto is a beauty and fragrance company that was founded by a German family in Porto in 1887. There is a wide variety of products to choose from, comprising from classic soaps, hand lotions to grooming products and candles. The hardest part of the visit will be which one to choose. The packaging resembles Portuguese tiles graphics and colors with influences of the 20’s Belle Époque decadence.

Rua de Miragaia 93, 4050-430 Porto
Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 20:00

Armazém is located in what used to be the storage for Real Companhia Velha wine and port merchants. Today, it's home to multiple small boutiques shops. Most of what's on sale are standard binate fare: furniture, glassware, books, and so forth. While you are there s enjoy the cozy café located outside for you to soak up the sun.




Plano B
Rua de Cândido dos Reis 30, 4050-152 Porto
Friday to Saturday from 22:00 to 06:00

No space captures the essence of Porto´s nightlife more than Plano B. This is the eclectic space where you can dance the night away with techno, pop, relegation, electro-rock, funk, R’n’B, acid jazz, lindy hop, and so on.  The ground floor works as a coffee house and art gallery during the daytime, and bar by night. But don’t be mistaken, even though it´s called Plano B this has been plan A for many people since its opening in 2006.

Maus Hábitos
R. de Passos Manuel 178 4º Piso, 4000-382 Porto
Monday from 18:00 to 00:00, Tuesday to Wednesday from 12:00 to 00:00, Thursday from 12:00 to 02:00, Friday to Saturday from 12:00 to 06:00

Maus Hábitos is the home to every type of experimental event you could wish for. This is the spot in town that trully breaks the mold. It’s a hub of music, art, food, drink, cafes, and parties. All in symbiosis, in a space where imagination and creativity are produced and where heterogeneous publics can be found. Plus, this is an LGBT+ friendly spot.

WW PLAY at Pérola Negra
Rua de Gonçalo Cristóvão 284, 4000-145 Porto
Friday to Saturday from 23:30-06:00

Pérola Negra has a new life. Between the late 70s and early 00s, this venue was home to cabarets and a strip clubs. Nowadays it is one of the hippest spots in Porto´s nightlife.

Wrong Weathers hosts a regular event at this club: WW Play. Ready for some of the trendiest nights of your life?

Passos Manuel
Rua Passos Manuel 137, 4000-385 Porto
Wednesday to Thursday, from 23:00 to 04:00; Friday to Saturday from 23:00 to 05:00

Since its opening, Passos Manuel has been the second home to Porto´s artistic crowds.  This venue is home to a multitude of artistic and cultural events.  One can almost walk past it without realizing what’s going on inside its walls. Maybe it´s this enticing aura of secret that will you give you one of your best nights out in Porto!



Café Vitória
R. de Cedofeita 622, 4050-529 Porto
Monday to Saturday from 07:30 to 00:00

If you are planning a more chill program with your friends, look no further than café Vitória. Such place can be defined as modern bar/restaurant that pays homage to the historic city that surrounds. Therefore, indulge yourself in some of Douro´s wine


Manna Porto

Rua da Conceição 60, 4050-213 Porto

Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00

Manna is located in the heart of Porto´s downtown. This shop actively promotes the yogi philospy and sustainavble behaviors. All of the products that are organic, vegan and sourced from local producers. After its closing hours, Manna also works as a yoga studio. Why don´t you experience its full experience?


Rota do Chá
Rua de Miguel Bombarda 457, 4050-378 Porto
Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 19:00

Rota do Chá has the biggest selection of  variety of teas in Porto. You will be amazed by the decorartion that pays homage to Asian culture. This is the perfect place for one to log off from the world and relax.


Capela Incomum
Travessa do Carregal 77, 4050-167 Porto
Monday Saturday from 16:00 to 00:00

This bar location is indeed peculiar since it’s located... in a chapel. This ancient 16th century chapel was turned into an ideal wine bar for couples or small groups of friends to enjoy a quiet night out. Learn that  the staff are trained to explain the stories behind the wine you are drinking.


Gardens Porto


Jardim do Palácio de Cristal
R. de Dom Manuel II, 4050-346 Porto
Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 19:00
Free admission

In this location, there used to be a lovely palace made of glass and steel just like the one built in London, for the 1851 Great Exhibition. In this garden, you can spot beautiful views of Arrábida´s bridge, especially during sunsets. During the summer is normal to bump into book fairs, concerts and theater shows. Watch out for the peacocks!


Parque de Serralves
R. Dom João de Castro 210, 4150-417 Porto
Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00, Sunday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00
Admission fee: 12 euros

Serralves is one of Porto´s largest parks. It's also the home of the city´s museum of contemporary Arts. The gardens are quite large and were designed in such a way that there is always a tree blossoming at any time of the year. Take some time to visit the Treetop Walkway, right next to the tree canopy, where you can observe the park´s biodiversity high above the ground. While you are other make some time to visit some of the best art exhibits in town!


Jardim do Morro
Jardim do Morro, 4430-210 Vila Nova de Gaia
Open 24/7

Jardim do Morro offers some of Porto´s best views. This garden is located across Luiz I bridge and it´s one of the busiest spots in town during the Summer. Call your friends, grab some snacks and enjoy the view!


Jardim Botânico do Porto – Botanical Garden
Rua do Campo Alegre 1191, 4150-181 Porto
Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00

This quaint garden is the ideal place to log off from the world. This park used to be the home of one of Portugal´s most famous poets, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen. The author even wrote a book about the times she spent there during her childhood - The Forest. Take some time to observe the centenary trees, the succulent plants and the lakes.


Parque da Cidade
Estrada Interior da Circunvalação, 4100-083 Porto
Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 00:00

Porto´s city park is the largest park in town. During the weekend it tends to be quite a busy spot where you can find people running, children playing soccer and a big number of dogs.  It is also the perfect place to set out a rug, read a book and have a picnic. Usually, on Saturday mornings there is a great farmer´s market in this location


Jardim das Virtudes
Passeio das Virtudes 53-3, 4050-091 Porto
Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 19:00

Built vertically –on terraces – Virtudes is the finest refuge for someone that wishes to escape downtown chaos. This is the premium spot to make a picnic and, even, take a nap. Plus, it offers superb views of the Douro river, Alfândega and Gaia´s landscape.


Jardim do Passeio Alegre

R. do Passeio Alegre 828, 4150-570 Porto
Open 24/7

This gorgeous garden is a gateway to Foz, the area where the river meets the sea. There is a miniature golf course and every Sunday there is a designer´s market in the park's main alley. Wonder how to get there? Hop on the tram!




Passeio das Virtudes
Passeio das Virtudes, 405  Porto
Open 24/7

In Passeio das Virtudes you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets Porto has to offer. Also take some time to appreciate how Portuenses, the locals, interact with each other. Grab a drink and get immersed in Douro´s energy!


Miradouro da Vitória
R. de São Bento da Vitória 11, 4050-292 Porto
Open 24/7

Located in Vitória´s district, in the old Jewish quarter, there is a little-known viewpoint with truly breathtaking views. Those who pass by are certainly not indifferent to the spectacular views of the old town.


Sé do Porto viewpoint
Terreiro da Sé, 4050-573 Porto
Open 24/7

While the Cathedral attracts visitors for itself, the nearby square offers amazing views of Porto´s downtown. Appreciate the view of the city´s landmarks like Clérigos Tower and the former Prison - that now hosts the Portuguese Photography Center. From the other side, you have a beautiful view of Douro´s River and Gaia.


Escada dos Guindais 43, 4000-337 Porto
Monday to Friday from 12:00-23:00, Saturday from 12:00 to 00:00

Guindalense is an excellent example of a typical cafe in Porto. Its terrace offers an absolutely fantastic view over Dom Luiz I´s bridge and Ribeira´s district. Affordable drinks, great view and good vibes... what else does one need, after all?


Miradouro Ignez
Rua da Restauração 252, 4050-592 Porto
Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 00:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 20:30

In Miradouro Ignez you can find calm and great views of Porto and Gaia. Take a book, sit down and dive into Porto´s great atmosphere. Since you are around Palácio de Cristal´s area, get to know its breathtaking gardens!




Quisque Jardim, Passeio dos Clerigos, R. das Carmelitas 151, 4050-163 Porto
Timetable changes according to the season of the year

Base is a little nice green space among the bustle of the city. Take some time off to enjoy live music acts, a chilled DJ and, of course, great cocktails



R. Das Oliveiras nº 61, 4050-449 Porto
Check the schedule

Selina is a hip spot in town, especially during the summers. The hotel has a great outdoor space with a great bar. Tell us what you thought!


R. Das Oliveiras 36, 4050-448 Porto
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00, Sunday to Monday from 15:00-00:00

Craving a nice glass of wine on hot summer´s day? Then, Aduela is the right place to be in. Check their amazing selection of Douro´s nectars!

Escadas do Caminho Novo 11, 4050-554 Porto
Tuesday to Sunday from 15:00 to 12:00

If jazz is your thing, then this is the right place for you to be in. This hidden club offers some tunes to all the music lovers. Additionally, its terrace has some great views of Douro´s River. All in all, the perfect setting for an intimist jazz session.

Café Casa Da Música
Av. da Boavista 604-610 Piso 7, 4149-071 Porto
After visiting one of Europe´s most famous concert halls, get to know its unique coffee shop. Relax in one of Porto´s most iconic monuments and keep an eye out for skaters doing their thing. Since you are there why don´t you pay a visit to your favorite store, Wrong Weather?!!

Av. da Boavista, 754
4100-111 Porto • Portugal
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