SOUNDS BMUET(TE) Black And White Jacket
179.36 USD 358.72 USD
174.38 GBP 348.76 GBP
19279.94 JPY 38559.88 JPY
158.50 EUR 317.00 EUR
BMUET(TE) Strapped Bomber Jacket
274.75 USD 686.88 USD
267.20 GBP 668.00 GBP
29534.19 JPY 73835.48 JPY
242.80 EUR 607.00 EUR
BMUET(TE) Black Denim Jacket
215.91 USD 539.77 USD
209.97 GBP 524.92 GBP
23208.91 JPY 58022.28 JPY
190.80 EUR 477.00 EUR
BMUET(TE) Snap Coat
468.03 USD 1,170.07 USD
454.99 GBP 1,137.49 GBP
50310.3 JPY 125775.76 JPY
413.60 EUR 1,034.00 EUR
BMUET(TE) Longline Bomber
263.44 USD 658.59 USD
256.11 GBP 640.28 GBP
28317.79 JPY 70794.48 JPY
232.80 EUR 582.00 EUR


BMUET(TE) is the ready-to-wear designer label with a distinctive twist established in 2012 by the designer duo Byungmun Seo and Jina Um.
The  duo  designers first  met  whilst  working  as  designer  in  Seoul  and  they  moved  to  London  to  broaden  their  boundary together. Individually, Byungmun Seo completed his Master at London College of Fashion in 2012 and Jina Um pursued new research in fashion design and collaboration with various artists in London.

BMUET(TE) aims for garments with an unconventional structure derived from a creative juxtaposing of diverse constructions. A concept that goes beyond the limits of conventions and constructions to create an experimental and innovative silhouette. The idea of label is distinguished by an almost poetic sensitivity and an attentive taste for luxury materials.

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