BOTH Neoprene Slip-On Sneakers
133.27 USD 266.54 USD
125.64 GBP 251.27 GBP
14759.18 JPY 29518.35 JPY
117.50 EUR 235.00 EUR
BOTH Green Crinkled High-Top Sneakers
179.77 USD 359.54 USD
169.11 GBP 338.22 GBP
19909.19 JPY 39818.37 JPY
158.50 EUR 317.00 EUR


Both is founded on 30 years of material research and shoe design. At the heart of their process is an exploration of balance: in the textures of their designs, the application of their techniques and the contrast in their concepts.

Dexterous technique, bold simplicity, beautiful craft. By combining natural materials with cutting-edge technologies, both re-imagines the form and function of footwear.


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