DAMIR DOMA Tai Black Turtleneck
140.75 USD 351.89 USD
136.66 GBP 341.64 GBP
15532.02 JPY 38830.05 JPY
154.80 EUR 387.00 EUR
DAMIR DOMA Kirr Sweater
162.20 USD 405.51 USD
157.49 GBP 393.73 GBP
17898.8 JPY 44747.01 JPY
178.40 EUR 446.00 EUR
DAMIR DOMA Wool Kesor Sleeveless Jumper
302.06 USD 755.16 USD
293.44 GBP 733.61 GBP
33332.21 JPY 83330.52 JPY
332.40 EUR 831.00 EUR
DAMIR DOMA Brown Wool Kerkoni Jumper
245.32 USD 613.29 USD
238.36 GBP 595.89 GBP
27070.09 JPY 67675.23 JPY
270.00 EUR 675.00 EUR


DAMIR DOMA is a Parisian fashion brand founded in 2006 by the designer Damir Doma and Paper Rain. The designer´s work is harmoniously linked by a sense of uniform and an obsessive interplay between shadow and light, with designs that encapsulate a measured study of proportion and a juxtaposition of rough and refined textures. DAMIR DOMA collections can be found in leading luxury and avant-gard boutiques.

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