ETQ Carbon Black Low 1 Knit Sneakers
109.53 USD 219.06 USD
107.05 GBP 214.10 GBP
11900.85 JPY 23801.7 JPY
97.50 EUR 195.00 EUR
ETQ Pink Dew Low 1 Sneakers
111.78 USD 223.56 USD
109.28 GBP 218.56 GBP
12144.97 JPY 24289.94 JPY
99.50 EUR 199.00 EUR
ETQ Low 3 Reflective Python
116.83 USD 233.67 USD
114.19 GBP 228.37 GBP
12694.24 JPY 25388.48 JPY
104.00 EUR 208.00 EUR


ETQ, founded in 2010, was born under the mindset of eliminating over accessorized branding and focusing primary on letting the quality of the product speak for itself. All of ETQ designs are generated under three standard rules: elegant, timeless, and quality. Slowly, this belief grew into a range of footwear and accessories that live up to the standard ETQ stands for.

With a strong focus and conceptual thinking, ETQ is driven to create aesthetic yet functional, enduring footwear that distinctively set apart from the norms. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and creating aspiring elegant quality above everything, we have successfully garnered a substantial amount of acknowledgement among them.

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