RAF SIMONS Mesh Pocket Shirt
372.86 USD 745.72 USD
362.17 GBP 724.34 GBP
40080.38 JPY 80160.76 JPY
329.50 EUR 659.00 EUR
RAF SIMONS Pierced Man Oversized Shirt
365.51 USD 731.01 USD
355.46 GBP 710.93 GBP
39289.72 JPY 78579.44 JPY
323.00 EUR 646.00 EUR
RAF SIMONS Black Tape Denim Black Shirt
333.26 USD 666.51 USD
324.17 GBP 648.33 GBP
35822.98 JPY 71645.96 JPY
294.50 EUR 589.00 EUR
RAF SIMONS Yellow Tape Denim Blue Shirt
234.81 USD 469.61 USD
228.03 GBP 456.07 GBP
25240.3 JPY 50480.6 JPY
207.50 EUR 415.00 EUR


Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons, launched his menswear line from Antwerp in 1995. His collections are strongly cut classic menswear pieces with street-wear influences which deftly combine faultless tailoring and construction with powerful messages inspired by music, art and youth subcultures. Tailoring and innovation in style are his calling card and his work is considered highly influential by and to those in the fashion industry.

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