RICK OWENS Babel Trench Jacket
1,005.99 USD 1,437.13 USD
977.77 GBP 1,396.82 GBP
108137.96 JPY 154482.8 JPY
889.00 EUR 1,270.00 EUR
RICK OWENS Babel Sisyrotterdam Jacket
711.32 USD 1,016.18 USD
691.08 GBP 987.25 GBP
76462.9 JPY 109232.72 JPY
628.60 EUR 898.00 EUR
DRKSHDW Brother Jacket
358.49 USD 896.23 USD
348.40 GBP 871.00 GBP
38535.55 JPY 96338.88 JPY
316.80 EUR 792.00 EUR
RICK OWENS Glitter Black Coat
1,090.41 USD 2,726.02 USD
1,059.87 GBP 2,649.66 GBP
117212.3 JPY 293030.76 JPY
963.60 EUR 2,409.00 EUR


The creative output of Rick Owens comes straight from a stylized future, like a Blade Runner of simple shapes. His jeans line produced in Italy is known for its innovative choices of materials and processing. His sober yet affirmative style is characterized by his distinct use of black and gray tonalities.

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