Juun.J is a corean fashion designer graduated from ESMOD Seoul in 1992. Not long after showing at Seoul Fashion Week, Lone Costume became the most sought after brand with a cult following. By deconstructing traditional ideas in menswear, Juun.J quickly establishes himself as the most innovative designer to watch during fashion week. in 2012 Juun.J becomes part of Samsung Everland to truly become global and meet the demands of his following. Juun.J's decidedly modern approach to design is deeply rooted in his masterly knowledge in classic tailoring where he shatters old notions to create new silhouettes. Largely inspired by youth and street culture Juun.J aptly calls this 'Street Tailoring'.His avant design and classicism with his precise tailoring will no doubt continue to be a tour de force in the evolution of menswear.

JUUN.J Checkered/Khaki Reversible Shirt-Jacket
892.12 USD
881.13 GBP
96,343.32 JPY
6,004.11 DKK
879.58 CHF
1,050,024.00 KRW
6,981.29 HKD
1,296.53 AUD
804.00 EUR
JUUN.J Knit Sleeves White Shirt
210.82 USD 527.06 USD
208.12 GBP 520.30 GBP
22,767.70 JPY 56,919.25 JPY
1,418.88 DKK 3,547.21 DKK
207.86 CHF 519.65 CHF
248,140.00 KRW 620,350.00 KRW
1,649.81 HKD 4,124.52 HKD
306.39 AUD 765.99 AUD
190.00 EUR 475.00 EUR
Av. da Boavista, 754
4100-111 Porto • Portugal
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