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STYLING TIPS is a new category from our team, dedicated to showing you style suggestions using the brands we love and carry, sharing some of our favourite pieces from various designer collections.

Think of it as a personal stylist, but from the comfort of your home, where you will find combinations and suggestions that may tickle your fancy.


The preppy-streetwear guy. Someone that likes to look good, but isn't interested in wearing his father's hand-me-downs. Is aware about fashion trends, but doesn't like to be too flashy or stand-out. A subdued sense of style but never compromising on quality. Dress shirts, tailored trousers, accessories, muted tones but with some pops of colour - because colour is big this season - and don't forget the hype sneakers.

MAISON MARGIELA White Tag Bracelet
551.25 USD
520.55 GBP
61671.4 JPY
602.00 EUR
MAISON MARGIELA Black Red Yellow Security Sneakers
201.15 USD 502.88 USD
190.23 GBP 475.59 GBP
22503.77 JPY 56259.42 JPY
220.00 EUR 550.00 EUR
OFF-WHITE Work Jacket
524.81 USD 1,049.63 USD
495.91 GBP 991.81 GBP
58713.69 JPY 117427.38 JPY
573.50 EUR 1,147.00 EUR
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