Right Cloud presents:


Design and pornography. So apart but with the same goal: Graphic efficiency.'

From May 27th to June 10th, 2017

Opening: March 4th - 15:00 - 19:30

"Right Cloud" at The Gallery Wrong Weather

The Gallery Wrong Weather is starting with a new curatorship by Miguel Von Hafe Pérez, aiming to bring to light less known work from contemporary artists, where the reality of objects and images contradicts the hyper digitalization of today's cloud experience.

Miguel Palma "Dsex"

Immersed in a creative universe where the memory of the still constructing modernity is the biggest search engine and method, Miguel Palma presents a video and a sculpture at the first exhibition integrated in the "Right Cloud" program starting this month at The Gallery Wrong Weather.

Operating from a strange miniaturization of the world, the artist presents work that contrasts the pure lines of a design icon of the XX century, Citroen DS, with the pornographic fiction where the weight of the human flesh mixes with the shine novelty of a car.

The actors of this unlikely novel, small figurines cut and manipulated like puppets, are the protagonists on a sculpture that casts them in a role of possible inappropriate actions.

Design and pornography. So apart but with the same goal: Graphic efficiency.

Curated by Miguel Von Hafe Pérez



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