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There are a lot of photographers out there, but few catch our eye, Hannah Sider is one of them. We asked Hannah to work on an editorial for us and she accepted without any hesitation saying "honestly, it would just be fun for me".

This young photog has a very distinct aesthetic and POV, an impressive resume, and the list of artists/musicians she's photographed sounds more like the sick line-up to a music fest we wish existed.

As a hobby, Hannah would take her cameras to concerts and shows she wanted to see, snapping a few pics until she started getting noticed and was approached to work on other projects. “Music is also a huge influence to everything I create.” she said, when asked about how she finds inspiration. DrakeWiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, KaytranadaTeyana Taylor, Migos, Solange, 2 ChainzRae SremmurdLil Yachty, just to name a few talents she has worked with doing portraits, and backstage shoots. From Fashion Weeks around the globe, to music festivals, to even shooting HERON PRESTON’s first lookbook and hanging out with OFF-WHITE's Virgil Abloh; Hannah Sider is definitely one to watch.

Get to know her better with the Q&A below:

Wrong Weather Team: When and how did your interest in photography start?
Hannah Sider: When my parents gave me my first film camera for my 12th birthday.

WWT: Where did you grow up, and which program did you take in school?
HS: I grew up back and forth between Malawi and Toronto. I studied fashion communications in Toronto.

WWT: How was it moving to New York?
HS: Moving to NYC was super intimidating but I knew that's where I needed to be for my career.

WWT: You work mainly with analog cameras can you explain why?
HS: There is something special about film that digital will never be able to replicate. I love the grain, the rich colors and the mistakes - scratches, light leaks, double exposures, etc.

WWT: How important is it to have a distinctive style (or aesthetic)?
HS: It's important for me to have a well-defined perspective because it gives me control on set. If someone is hiring me to shoot something they know what they're getting and trust me to achieve it my way. In addition to that, I shoot such a variety of different projects that I need elements of  consistency with how I shoot and edit everything.



"Put yourself out there and meet people. Put your work out there."




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Apr 20, 2017 at 8:07am PDT



WWT: What are some of your main influences and inspirations when it comes to photography and art?
HS: One of the main things that inspires me is exploring new countries, seeing new architecture/landscapes, and observing people. Music is also a huge influence to everything I create.

WWT: What was your favourite project you've worked on so far?
HS: Going to a Monster Truck rally when I shot Amina Blue for SSENSE.

WWT: Is it intimidating to work with such creative and influential people on set?
HS: Occasionally it's intimidating but I use it to drive me and inspire me. I like to spend a lot of time just talking to people I'm shooting or working with at the beginning of the shoot so that I can get to know them and put them at ease.

WWT: What's the funniest thing you have seen (or happened) on set?
HS: I like to think a lot of funny things happen on my shoots, especially when I'm working with friends. Some frequent funny things that happen are getting chased by security guards and having random strangers photobomb when I'm shooting in a public location.

WWT: What do you think were the most important factors for your success?
HS: Taking on things that I didn't know how to do in order to force myself to learn them and surrounding myself with people that challenge me.

WWT: Any advice you would give to someone trying to make it in photography or other creative fields?
HS: Put yourself out there and meet people. Put your work out there. Put yourself outside of your creative comfort zone.


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